Golf in the mountains of Córdoba

The province of Córdoba is known worldwide as an ideal destination for practicing Golf, since its geography means that the players are in the best conditions. The Cordovan golf courses have been designed and built respecting the natural environment so that lovers of this sport can enjoy the game, mountain holes and landscapes.

Golf is a sport with a long history in Argentina, in fact in 1923 the first golf course was founded, which exists today with the name of Alta Gracia Golf Club.

Some of the most renowned Cordovan players are Eduardo “El Gato” Romero and Ángel “Pato” Cabrera.


Over the years the sporting and tourist attraction of the Province of Córdoba has been spreading, to the point that a Golf route has been created, 30 courts in the province of Córdoba have joined to make this sport a regional symbol.

The province of Córdoba is known for its temperate climate “neither too cold nor too hot”, ideal for playing golf almost all year round. See the weather forecast. The weather was one of the reasons that led Raoul and Stéphanie Fenestraz to move to this region of their native Savoy in France. Learn more about his Argentine dream and the creation of Estancia El Colibri.

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Córdoba is the ideal place to discover golf, in this province you will find courses for beginners with 9 holes, 18 holes and even mini golf. Without a doubt, you will develop your love for sports in few hours.

Some of the benefits of this sport are:

  • Ideal social sport for families
  • Mental balance by contact with nature
  • Low intensity physical activity, accessible to all
  • Helps improve concentration
  • You burn calories and tone your muscles while admiring the scenery

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