Estancia Don André

Named in memory of André Fenestraz, who passed away in 2011, this nearly 700 acre farm allows for discovering the essence of the Argentinean peasant culture and the gaucho tradition. Time seems to stand still in these green expanses. The stone walls built by the Jesuits and the hidden fields in the valleys area are a reminder that human hands have shaped these lands over the centuries.

The production and exportation of Aberdeen Angus beef, the best Argentina has to offer, is the primary activity of the Estancia Don André. 300 cows and six bulls allow the farm to propose the best steaks in the world !

Whether meditating or working with of our gauchos, Estancia Don André offers a unique experience, which is the result of the Fenestraz family dream. To completely disconnect and return to the values of the land, it is possible to rent the property’s guest house (sleeps 6).